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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  October 1, 2012 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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gogurts! 20% off gogurts. >> make sure you go to greta and tell us what you thought about tonight's show, see you tomorrow night 10:00 p.m. eastern. sean hannity and greta van susteren. enjoy. >> bill: o'reilly factor is on tonight. >> i know the folks from the media have r. speculating already who is going to have the best zingers. governor romney is a good debater. i'm just okay. >> bill: candidates warming up for the big showdown in denver wednesday night. brit hume and charles krauthammer will have some thoughts. >> our new abc "the washington post" poll shows him with that raiser thin lead among likely voters. >> break wide open when voters ask who do they expect to win. >> are the poll numbers rigged in favor of the president? bernie goldberg is analyzing that wait, you have this relationship, nine months later she has a baby didn't you say oh my god?
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>> bill: arnold schwarzenegger getting beat up by a small lady. >> i'm not perfect. >> adam carolla will analyze arnold on the grill. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. hi i'm bill o'reilly, thanks for washing us tonight. it's all about money. the upcoming vote all about cash and how we americans process it bomber wants to redistribute income and regulate from washington and set up a socially just economic system that guarantees outcomes. those who are getting other people's money from the feds or states tend to support the president, that's logical. these folks may be short-sighted. if the u.s.a. continues to run up staggering debt our economy will eventually collapse. and the dependent will get
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hurt the most all over the world there is a struggle for fairness. the united nations once again proposing a global tax on billionaires. 1% of their wealth would be given to the u.n. to disperse throughout the third world. it's not going to happen but that's what many want to see. wealthy people being forced f. to give up assets to the controlling power. the problem with that is the that controlling power is often corrupt, inept or apathetic. does anyone believe the u.n. spends money responsibly? anyone? buehrle? how about the u.s.a.? the more money washington gets the more it wastes. why? because we don't have enough federal workers to police the entitlements hundreds of billions of dollars are wasted or stolen. we all remember this guy in the bathtub, jeff neeley partying in vegas his crew ran
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up $825,000 in expenses for nothing. they just wanted to live large on the taxpayer dime. how about the drug enforcement agency? few years ago it sent 368 people to istanbul for a conference. price tag $1.2 million. more than a thousand dollars aday for each american at the event. i could sit here all night and give you stuff like that. when you hear president obama saying the rich are not paying their fair share you know that's code for we want as much money as we can get and we'll doll -- dole it out as we see fit there are some government programs that work but most don't. education for example can't be improved from washington. it has to be done from your hometown. you guys have to do it by forcing local school administrators to impose discipline and actually teach the children subjects that matter. when americans vote in november, they will be voting for one of two things. the free marketplace, capitalistic approach espoused by mitt romney or the social justice spread the money
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around approach championed by the president. america is a changing country, that's why n bad economy president obama is hanging tough. and that's the memo. now for the tore story tonight. preparing for the big debate. president obama training in nevada. you may have heard my opponent and i are going to have a debate i'm looking forward to it? >> we are too. >> the media is speculating who is going to have the best zingers, governor romney is a good debater. i'm just okay mitt romney already in denver prepping for wednesday's big event. with us now is fox news senior analyst brit hume. i think the expectations for this debated are too high. people, particularly conservative americans, republicans are kinding
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expecting mitt romney to go out there and do something. i don't know if that's even possible right now. the public broadly speaking expects mitt romney to win. low expectations i suppose. the history as your comments suggest is that debates don't tend to change the trajectory of a presidential race very much. there has been a few cases where they have but just a few you are looking at this stage if you are a romney voter or fan for something that would change the apparent course of the election which you look at the thing nationally and it appears to be a pretty tight race. if you look at it in the key states. president obama appears to be ahead nearly everywhere. and by a significant margins in some places such as ohio where it's several points. now, you can't say that it's over. it certainly is not straight line projections are very dangerous in politics.
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things can change. always on the lookout for something to change it debate might much although it hasn't happened very often. >> bill: i think it's going to happen this year one way or the other. this is the stat that i will point to the rat muffin poll has the president up by three which is good news by the president. has had romney up most of the other polling polling times however when asked are you definitely going to vote for your guy? definitely 43% in the rasmussen poll say yes for romney only 42 for barack obama. i believe if mitt romney does well and can sting the president like ronald reagan stung jimmy carter that he will immediately become the frontrunner and the so-called swings states will tighten up. most of them anyway. florida particularly will. that's my analysis right now. >> i think these state races
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probably will tighten but that's what happens in the final weeks of a campaign. races tend to tighten. this will be a closer race in all likelihood as we get closer to election day one senses though that look an incumbent running with a record like this with the economy in such serious shape many people predicting recession with all this trouble he he has been having overseas, with all of that he he ought to be in a lot of trouble. it's surprising to many people that he is ahead. we keep thinking something will happen. is he is not a great politician but seems honorable and decent enough man that if the people were ready to make a change they would not have a lot of trouble settling on him as a reliable change agent. however it hasn't happened. we keep waiting for something to cause it to happen but it hasn't come. that's why i think people are
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a lot of republicans are down cast. >> bill: i think it's because romney hasn't been forceful enough. last year -- last elections 61% 45%. romney is running better than mccain ran in the polls. and i do believe it's because of disenchantment with president obama i know a will the of people myself antidotal doesn't do much good here. who they are not sure about romney, that's why i'm saying that the first debate means everything if he can inspire people who are not devoted. 42% devoted to president obama are not going to vote for romney. there is swing area there where if the president comes off weak or flustered. if romney can fluster him. romney is going to pick those up quickly there is much
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bigger than the first debate. >> i would say president obama is a known quantity. is he probably not going to change people's opinions of him. romney is a little different. even though he has been doing this for years now we have been through a whole series. people didn't watch those. people didn't watch the convention he have a big audience he is the one that needs to make a big impression. >> bill: no doubt. people need to look at the two men on the stage and think gee i can see that other guy as president. he seems okay to me. i think it's more than that. have to look at the two men on stage and say you know what? this guy can fix it romney can fix it the other guy is going to do -- he is. other guy is not going to change course. the president is going to be doing what he is doing. romney has got to go hey, i'm
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your handyman here. >> he has got to be able to say something, bill, about how he is going to fix it say it concisely enough that will fit into debated answer. that's quite a challenge. >> bill: he has had enough time brit to get it together. >> no kidding. >> bill: we will see what he comes up with. next cover up in libya involving assassination of the american ambassador there. the national media largely ignoring the story. why? and then adam carolla on arnold schwarzenegger coming clean about [ male announcer ] after years of celebrations, marie callender's gives you a way to make any day a special occasion. new mini cream pies for one. real whip cream and a cookie-crumb crust. marie callender's. it's time to savor. ididide? real whip cream and a cookie-crumb crust. you're not my dad ahh!! hey honey, back feels better, little dancing tonight, you and me? dr. scholl's pro inserts relieve different types of lower body pain by treating at the source so you're a whole new you. go pro with dr. scholl's.
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>> impact segment tonight, anti-obama forces around the country are hoping that allegations of a coverup in libya involving the assassination of the american ambassador there will hurt the president's re-election chances. first, the time line. on september 11th, u.s. ambassador to libya chris stevens was assassinated in benghazi. on september 129. president obama condemned the attack and then flew though las vegas for a campaign
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event. on september 126th, u.s. ambassador to the united nations susan rice called the assassination a spontaneous attack. but the same day a top libyan official said the assassination was preplanned. on september 19th, matthew olsen, director of the president's counter terrorism unit confirmed that the assassination was indeed a terror attack why did it take 8 days to confirm that pat caddell is angry about it. >> if a president of either party, i don't care whether it was jimmy carter or bill clinton or george bush or ronald reagan or george h.w. bush had had a terrorist incident and gotten on an airplane after saying something and flown off to a fund raisener las vegas, they would have been crucified. it would have been, it should have been barack -- equivalent for barack obama of george bush's flying over katrina moment. >> but nothing was said at
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all. and nothing will be said. >> with us now is mr. caddell. so you think this is an organized press suppression of this story? >> well, organized -- whether it's organized is a straight conspiracy, everyone is in on it and doing it and it's a purposeful conscious effort to suppress news that might help obama. we have gone down a slippery slope here. look, bill, we have had liberal bias or bias in the press for a long time. for many years. but it's gotten worse starting in 2008. now we have a press that actively engages in the re-election. putting out a narrative that romney is a loser, you know running polls, they are using like telling n.i.v. adding on romney. romney is not my issue here. not only decide to support obama on this issue the last two weeks, what we see is a press that has decided that it will not tell the american people the truth. not only tell people oho they may or may not vote for but
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now telling people what truth they may know and what truth they may not know. >> what is the truth? look, we have covered this story responsibly here on the factor, all right? >> you have. >> but i only take it up to where the facts lie. and that's why i gave the time line. and the other thing is unfortunately the folks don't care about this story. they don't. the massive amount of people in america. not people who watch cable news and listen to talk radio but just the folks watching dancing with stars and nfl and world wrestling, they don't care about the libyan story. they don't care about the libyan unfortunately. it's hard to make them care. >> if you don't tell them, then how will they care? let me just say. this we had an incident where, you know, the day after when you talked about this we had 20 countries where had you demonstrations, embassy, rioting our embassies and so forth around the globe. it made none of the news. do you think the country -- >> some of it was -- >> some of it. that movie that orchestrated all of these things in egypt
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and other countries, that was publicized for a couple of days. here is the problem with the story. and you tell me how to cover it, all right? here's the problem. rice screwed up. no doubt. right? the u.n. ambassador susan rice. absolute screwup. >> she was sent out to do that. >> but we don't know by whom. >> okay. >> we don't know. >> let me speculate for you. >> why speculate? >> well, because, this doesn't happen. let me just say something. i'm going to say something both that doug said. presidents when i was in the presidential campaign with jimmy carter we were not allowed to bring foreign policy in, what i said about the president going to las vegas while the consulate was still smolders and goes off for a fundraiser and people would have been crucified. i remember after the seizing of the hostage in '79 when myself and other top members members of the campaign handful of us begged him to campaign we were in a tight race with ted contend. he absolutely refused.
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i need to be here. i can't do this on the road. >> bill: president obama's decision to go it vegas is obvious. >> but also this narrative to put out a narrative when you know differently as we had heard. >> bill: who put it out. >> the white house. look, you have a national security advisor who was a politician and a political operative tom donilin who was also the person. and the white house susan rice was not in the line of what was she doing out sunday doing five shows? she is not in the chain of command on this. >> bill: somebody did it. >> somebody told her why do d. they keep promoting the taped story. it was upset the narrative. a terrorist attack. >> bill: here is the problem. can you say that but i can't report that donilin did it because i don't know. >> if i'm a reporter, if i'm the entire national press corps, aren't i going in and asking those questions. >> bill: they don't care. >> they should be. >> bill: of course. no doubt. >> the point is when you stop telling people what's going on. when the have the "new york times" for days not even
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discussing the story. >> bill: let me make your point for you. here is how bad for you. "the washington post" front page mitt romney's hazing in high school. this, we don't care. so we know the fix is in. we know that. last question real fast. hillary clinton culpable here? >> well, she is culpable to the extent that she either -- she is the overridden by the white house. she has said some things differently. buff she is secretary of state, somebody should have spoken out. we shouldn't know this late. >> bill: pat caddell everyone. we will continue following the story, pat there no doubt about it. we have got to do it facts. directly ahead, brutal political ad in florida. congressman allen west saying his opponent is a drunk. later, bernie goldberg on misleading polling and adam carolla on schwarzenegger. we're coming right back. are we there yet?
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>> bill: campaign 2012 segment tonight. in florida. allen west running against allen murphy. the polls say murphy is ahead. mr. west put out this ad. >> february 16th, 2003, fort hood, texas. lt. colonel allen west had just received deployment orders and prepares his men to go to war. that night south beach,
8:22 pm
murphy. thrown out of a club for fighting alcohol and unable to stand. murphy confronts and verballably assaults a police officer. patrick murphy was arrested and taken to jail-time. two men, a country in crisis. you decide. >> i'm allen west, and i approve this message. >> bill: all right. joining us now from washington. mary katharine ham and juan williams both fox news analyst. juan, a fair ad. >> all is fair in love war and politics. this is an example of it of course, effective ad. viewed in isolation it's effective gosh one man served his country and the other guy was drunk in a bar. it does ignore the fact that murphy was a college freshman 19 years old. it does open the door to looking at west' military record. you remember he was criminally charged with assault and essentially booted out of the military before they had a trial you know who stuck up for west back then, don't you? >> who?
8:23 pm
>> bill: me. because he saved the lives 6 the men in his platoon. he violated procedure. he fired the gun, okay? but he would do what i would do, what you would do juan, what anybody would do. >> absolutely. if our men were in danger and we would fire a gun near somebody and get them to talk, we're the enemy. i would fire the gun. rules have to be followed. west understood it he took his punishment like a man. mary katharine what do you think about the ad. >> first, colonel west paid a fine and was not court martialled went through article 15 and resigned with full retirement. let's put that out there. >> bill: he took it as a man. he didn't say the army shouldn't have this rule he didn't whine about it. he took it and he came back. like, west is a hero. this is what it all comes down to. this is what it all comes down to, west is a hero whether you
8:24 pm
like him or not or think is he too right wing. he is a hero. serves his country. saves his guy. is he a brave man. the other guy murphy is not a hero. i don't know what he is. i don't know the man. i have never met the man, all right. but is he not a hero. he is not. >> yeah, i think that's the problem for murphy. maybe going down that road is that, a, the west stuff maybe litigated in the past. this ad is well done and perhaps most importantly is entertaining. it looks good. frankly this is a tmz world we are living in. if you have a goofy mugshot from fewer than 10 years ago, it's going to get get used political mall plaque tis. he was young. >> bill: it's not going to make my difference because difference has been changed. it's heavily democratic district now. strange territory. a lot of idealogues in south florida that are just going to vote party line. that he was what they always
8:25 pm
do. i try to put myself juan in the shoes of people i'm debating with. when i put myself very cheap and tight and i would never wear them when i run this ad is if classy? is it necessary go i have to do it? i would run the ad but i would also run another ad corresponding to this explaining to the voters why i did this. go ahead juan. >> good point that you raise. democratic polls indicate that west is down by about 9 points. and you have got to remember that the people here in washington. democrats here in washington have targeted that district because they see west as vulnerable. you speak of him as a hero. they have within running ads. this is coming out of the democratic super pac in washington that point out he is the ones that called democratic democrats here in
8:26 pm
congress communist. social security is modern slavery. he has a lot of unpaled bills including i believe 11,000 unpaid bill to the irs. so they have been dirtying up west not the hero part of the story coming out, bill. and i think west is feeling desperate right now. >> bill: that may be true. go ahead. >> i don't think it's desperation. several polls within came out last week showing imhupp 11. this week down. hard to tell where the race is d triple c washington money coming in from democrats they cancelled a week of ads for murphy in october which is never a good sign for the democrat. i don't think they are as secure as they juan seems to think they're. as far as a dirty race. the murphy allied pac, i think mostly funded by his father ran an ad showing allen west punching women and senior citizens. he may just want a little pay back with goofy mugshot. >> bill: that didn't happen. they just illustrated it. >> no. it was a cartoon of allen west punching people. >> bill: got to be careful
8:27 pm
describing ads people did not see mr. west did not punch senior citizens or women. >> this is a dirty ad. this is pay back. >> bill: when you invoke the u.s. army and patriotism and kids 19 years old. what college kid except me didn't do. this disqualify them from running for office in no it doesn't. that's why we are doing it tonight. it's a very interesting conversation. >> that was very fair of you, bill o'reilly. >> bill: i'm trying to be fair, juan. i'm trying to put myselves in your shoes. >> i can't foot in your gooch guchs guccis. >> we are going to tell everybody what i'm doing tomorrow. it's all over the place. a lot of fun. all right, guys. thanks very much. plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. arnold schwarzenegger talking about new discretions in a new book.
8:28 pm
adam carolla has thoughts about how wise that might be. bernie goldberg ahead on misleading polls. biggest mistake mitt romney has made in the campaign. we hope you stay [ male announcer ] when these come together, and these come together, one thing you can depend on is that these will come together. delicious and wholesome. some combinations were just meant to be. tomato soup from campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do.
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>> bill: roll the carolla segment tonight. got a little uncomfortable for schwarzenegger last night on 60 minutes. >> you write that maria did ask you before the confrontation with the marriage counselor. is that your child.
8:31 pm
before then. so, you lied to her. >> you can say that. she gave up her television career for you, i mean, wow. was this the most unbelievable act of betrayal to maria? i think it was the stupidest thing i have done in the whole relationship. it was terrible. i inflicted tremendous pain on maria and unbelievable pain on the kids. >> bill: joining us now from los angeles a dam carolla author of the book not taco bell material. you have got a book out. is it worth humiliating the way he was last night on "60 minutes" by leslie stall. >> no. >> bill: she kicked his butt. >> he said he was set for life moneywise. i don't know what he is doing this for. it's like he is probably i
8:32 pm
mean i don't know why you want to -- look, i had a gay tryst with dr. drew 10 years ago but you didn't see me writing about it in my book because that's a secret that i keep well under wraps. >> bill: i understand why you keep that secret. but dr. drew probably is now filing papers against you even as we speak. so just so you know. i had no part of it dr. drew. i wanted leslie stall to say hey you were a bad governor, arnold, which he was. but instead it was all about the love child he was conan the barbarian and whoever the woman out there in the hat was. and he is sitting there. this big macho guy and he is just getting bang, bang, bang. and i'm thinking to myself is it really worth it for some dopey book that doesn't mean a thing? is it? >> no. listen, i live in california and i can tell you who else
8:33 pm
got screwed by arnold schwarzenegger. not just the help. >> bill: don't, don't, don't please. wield like to walk out of here with just a little litigation from drew and nobody else. >> the good people who live in california. >> bill: talking of making a political metaphor. i don't want to go down that other road that we certainly don't want to open. >> no. >> bill: you and i agree it's inexplicable for a guy like arnold waziristan to, number one, write the book and number two go out and promote the book when he knows people are going to hammer him and all of that. >> also, let me ask you this about. >> bill: go ahead. >> how surprise is the maria shriver? first up, she is a kennedy. >> bill: i don't know her very well. >> she is a kennedy. you don't think she saw this one coming?>> bill: i don't kno. >> is he an athlete, actor and politician. of course is he is going to have extramarital affairs. that's what they do. >> bill: i would never say that i know maria shriver she seems to be a nice woman.
8:34 pm
she doesn't deserve all of this. worse of it is the five kids that he has. that opens all of these doors for these kids. this was dead and buried this whole thing and then you write about it again and you go on "60 minutes" and the kids have got to go to school the next day. >> right. >> bill: hey, come on. and the press, they don't care about the kids. the press will just squeeze this every drop out of it they can all i want to say if you have children don't take the money. let it go. >> mexican food stand has been extensive conversations between the obama administration and the government of mexico about how to get food stamps paid for can a lola and myselves. two illegal aliens coming across the border and what do you think about that? >> it's insane. first off, it's weird. i mean, there is 46 million people on food stamps and, yet, every kid is morbidly
8:35 pm
obese. it's a weird combination. it's a weird time we are living, in number one. and number two, they should be called the fat and the furious pretty slick, huh, bill? >> bill: very nice. >> i know you like that. do the math. and, look, somebody said well, is he just trying to get votes? my question is i don't know. >> bill: illegal aliens can't vote. can't be a vote play. >> you are building a constituency latino community might be appreciative of the la jess coming into the community. they don't make most of them distinction between people who are hungry and legal or illegal if you are hungry you should get control. this thing is so far out of control it boggles the mind. all about social justice what we talked about at the top of the program. it's so far out of control. it really is. and i don't think people know. i don't think they understand
8:36 pm
yes mind being cruel because come from a family that got food stamps and welfare. there is 46 million americans on food stamps right now. if you cut out 40 million of those, do you think they would go hungry? i will leave 6 million for people that are desperate and need it and can't work and so on and so forth. do you think those 40 million people would go hungry. >> bill: did your family need the food stamps when you were growing up? >> you don't -- well -- you wouldn't need it if you couldn't get it. if you can get it for free, then you do need it. do you need cable? no. but now that i have had cable for 10 years, i need it. >> bill: so you are saying if you didn't have it, that would have forced your mother and i don't think your father was in the picture, right, much? to do something to feed the kids? >> the way we always did it. the way humanity has always survived. do you think people would actually starve? would 40 million of those
8:37 pm
46 million people go hungry? >> bill: no. >> answer is. no i guarantee you. >> bill: ill think it could be organized in another way in a way that's much more efficient and fair. all right carolla. >> they can do it for themselves. >> bill: i was going to ask you about the t.s.a. stealing stuff but we have got to run. quick reminder five more days between john stewart and me humble correspondent saturday october 6th. 8:00 p.m. see it on the net. please go to the rumble 2012. that's to sign up. we're raising a lot of money for charity. it's a blast. don't have to watch it on saturday. if you sign up on the rumble, can you see it any time you want. there will be no other time to see this debate. misleading polls followed by charles krauthammer pinpointing mitt romney's pinpointing mitt romney's biggest mistake in theely.
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stop taking viagra and call your doctor right away if you experience a sudden decrease or loss in vision or hearing. this is the age of taking action. viagra. talk to your doctor. . >> bill: thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly latest polling out today has president obama up by two points. three points in the rasmussen deal but really the polls don't mean very much right now because of the upcoming debate on wednesday. after that debate. polls will take on more importance. joining us now from north carolina, the purveyor of berne in order mr. goldberg.
8:41 pm
have you been watching the debate in the last two weeks about how certain polls overweight democrats and that they don't really tell you the truth. and you say? >> i say that first of all you are right. that whatever the polls are saying tonight. they may be saying something very very different in a few days after the first debate. the part that baffles me because i follow all the polls. the part that absolutely baffles me is that i have no idea none if they are reliable. i have no idea if they are reflecting reality and mitt romney is really losing. or if they are so overweighting the democrats that the polls are giving us the wrong impression. one day i see a poll that says mitt romney is not only losing nationally but is he losing in every single battleground state. then i hear dick morris in his poll say that mitt romney is going to win by 7 points or 8 points. my head is spinning.
8:42 pm
>> bill: nobody can know. nobody really knows. so the postmortem on this election is going to be very fascinating because rasmussen bass the best in 2008 and 2004. that's why we put more credibility into them than the others. here is an interesting thing. the internal polling i understand from the republic side. they take their own polls that they don't publicize and that allows them to buy television time in certain areas that they need help. in the internal polling says that they are falling behind in ohio in particular that that's a real trouble spot for them now. so, it's almost impossible to quantify everything like that. but i don't think the polls are crazy wrong but i do think they are probably in favor of barack obama one or two points. well, okay. i will buy that let's say dick
8:43 pm
morris is right. let's say mitt romney wins big and final polls don't reflect that then there is going to be some kind of investigation because pat caddell who had you on earlier who is a very smart guy who i quote extensively on a slobbering love affair, he thinks the media have become so corrupt during this election cycle that they are even screwing around with the polls. personally i don't believe the polls are rigged. i do not believe that i do not believe they get together. >> bill: let me stop you then. rigged is an interesting word. every one of those pollsters at the "new york times," nbc news, "wall street journal." "the washington post." every one knows that they are using the same model in 2008 today. right they don't think that strong and 8. they know that their model is
8:44 pm
flawed of but they don't care. >> if that's -- if that's precisely correct, then that does slide into the -- that does slide from simply being bad science to something more sinister. it's not realistic to think that the 2000 will voter turnout model is valid in 2012. if they are in fact doing that and if i know it they know that it's not a good model. then you do have to wonder if pat caddell is on to something. again, i'm not a conspiracy time of guy so i'm not saying it's rigged. but if they are using a bad model and then they not only do polls, bill, then they write about their own polls and it creates an impression that it's time to write the owe -- obituary for mitt romney. >> bill: there is no that investigates the press because we have freedoms. >> it's the media that should
8:45 pm
investigate it i'm not holding my breath. >> bill: good luck with that. >> this would be the same media that's doing a lot of the polling. if they are doing the polling. >> bill: people are so distracted they don't remember three days ago what happened. this is what the media banks on. we can make a mistake, nobody is going to remember. we'll just wipe it off the blackboard and then we'll say whatever we want to say. they are not going to own up to anything. >> i hope you remember because right after the election i hope you do one with of two things. >> bill: you are going to come back and we are run down all the polls. >> including the conservative polls that say. >> absolutely. >> that mitt romney is going to win by 8 points. if that doesn't happen, i mean, i hope you -- i hope you question some of these people and say what were you thinking about? >> bill: well, we already have a piñata set up for morris outside. he is going to be swinging. if romney gets murdered morris is going to be. >> let me reflect my bias. i hope dick morris is
8:46 pm
absolutely correct. >> bill: well, a lot of people do. and, you know, but the polls we're really going to start to pay attention to them monday after the debate. it's going to take three or four dedays for the debate to sink. in they will be on the internet. that's where most people will watch it. not on live time. they will be doing whatever people are doing. dancing, singing, karaoke, whatever. they will get around to the internet and then monday we'll see. bernie goldberg, everybody. charles krauthammer on deck. he will pinpoint mitt romney wants biggest mistake in the campaign so far. and then the factor tip of the day what i'm doing tomorrow morning and why you should care. moments away.
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8:49 pm
>> back of the book segment tonight. our pal charles krauthammer closely watching the presidential race and getting paid very well to do. so he joins us now from washington. so, what has been governor romney's biggest mistake so far? >> not enough to do your show. >> bill: you are joking but we have a call in to the governor and we asked very politely, very respectfully, look, we have got about a month. all right? you need to give us a time frame here.
8:50 pm
i think he is going to do it but your point is taken, go. here is the mistake. he has gone small ball. is he not going to win the election small ball with obama. what do i mean about that? he has the slogan of the week, hit and run attacks. instead of making more general arguments that the media which are not inclined to be nice to romney and inclined to ignore stories that are harmful to obama, the media would then have to report. give you a concrete example middle east policy around the world. embassy aflame. al qaeda flags hoisted over more embassies. you have this whole thing clearly the obama policy so does romney seized opportunity? no. he a one off attack. a correct attack i would say on the statement issued by the
8:51 pm
cairo embassy which was a grabbling apology. he rans away with it. what he should have done is to give a speech to make the argument that the grabbling argument from the cairo embassy was simply one example of the way that obama and the administration have treated the middle east as a way to say we're really nice to you if we try to sweet talk them out of their weapons, if we refuse to support the revolution against the campaign, lead from behind in the area we are going to be liked and everything will be nice. so the problem i have here is obama very vulnerable. remember, this is the one election where he is ahead on the issue of foreign affairs: democrats are usually way behind. why? because usama bin laden is dead. so a week before the eruption of this anti-americanism. the democrats spend a week in charlotte touting the bin laden raid. and a way of saying, you knoed .
8:52 pm
these demonstrations are a complete demolition and they are a a way to refute the whole idea that this has been an effective policy. romney should have seize the opportunity. >> bill: and run with it. back to you and i said this to pat caddell, the right wing press, talk radio, people who really don't like president obama have been running with this libya story for a week saying look, it's a coverup. people at the white house spontaneous action. al qaeda operation. they planned and executed it. they don't want you to know. banged it, banged it, banged it the mainstream media largely ignored it but the word has gotten out. the word has gotten out. people don't seem to care about it, charles. they don't seem to care enough about that theater of the world i think it's so intense here economically that the
8:53 pm
only chance that mitt romney has is to come in on wednesday night and say you know what? this guy screwed up the economy. and if he continues down the road. do you think it's bad now? wait until you see it two years from now and pick off what's going to happen. it's almost like a doomsday scenario. that's what i would advise romney to do. >> well, three points. number one, i'm not talking about what you ought to do in debates and debates you don't make large speeches like that. what i'm talking about is the way he has run the campaign extremely small and tactical and not strategic. second, you brought up the libya thing and people aren't interesting. if romney had given a speech, had made the argument that this is part of -- simply a symptom of a larger development of a whole foreign policy in collapse, of the fact that the al qaeda which he was spiking the football for a week. al qaeda is back. we have got a new slogan for biden. which is bin laden dead. al qaeda alive.
8:54 pm
that was the meaning of all of this you could have attached the libya story. not as a conspiracy or coverup story. you would say the larger argument, the reason they had to cover it up. the reason they had to pretend it was all about a demonstration and video is because they can't admit is completely exploded. so if you create the larger context all the little events otherwise go uns inned especially by the media. you put them in context. would get a headline with al qaeda is back and we're going to be the target number one. >> i have a third point but that's going to have to be next week. >> bill: all right, charles. >> i'm not governor perry. >> bill: factor tip of the day what i'm doing early tomorrow morning and why you should care. the tip 60 seconds away. so, we all set?
8:55 pm
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>> bill: factor tip of the day. why i have to get up at 5:00 in the morning in a moment. first the mail. italy, bill, over here it is illegal to publish political opinion polls 15 days prior to the vote. the day before the election, there's a total news blockout. didn't know that, rabbi. thank you. carissa, lafontaine, indiana. mr. o, where i come from, if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, it is a duck. the president is a socialist. where i live, it would be foul of me to label anyone anything without proof beyond a reasonable doubt. if you see mr. obama flying south with the flock, let me know. brad, indiana. your comment to geraldo, voters should do what's great for the country, is great.
8:57 pm
another one, most people on unemployment, do not consider it's a free ride. i spend hours a day trying to find a job and get taxes taken from my unemployment tax. karen, chandler, arizona. my husband and i both have jobs, but worse off financially than ever. bill, adding mcgurk to "the factor" is the best since miller time. bill, don't subject your viewers to gottlieb. "the factor" is becoming "jersey shore." aren't you better than that, bill? not really. billy connor, carmine, texas. o'reilly, we have tickets for the show in austin, texas. are we still on? the show is sold out, billy. miller and i will be there november 23rd.
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